On Monday, March 30, Salem Keizer was given the directive from the Oregon Department of Education to shift from “Supplemental Learning”, which was optional and not graded, to “Distance Learning”, which is not optional and is graded.  Distance Learning will last until we return.

Battle Creek teachers are learning a whole new way to deliver their lessons. While they do this, please find the links below to the District and Battle Creek sites where we will post materials and information.

District Website with Supplemental Resources and Links:

Classroom Specific:

  • Every Teacher will invite your student to an on-line platform:
    •  SeeSaw (Kindergarten and 1st Grade) or
    • Google Classroom (Grades 2-5)
  • Teachers will also use Google Hangouts/Meets
  • Please see the document “How to help your child” on our Battle Creek website and the portal links below
  • https://salkeiz.k12.or.us/students/student-logins/

Below is a link on how to help your students with either a SK Chromebook or their own personal electronic device:

How to help your child with the Computer