Questions that we asked our community about concerns for the coming school year.

Is it going to be 9:15-3:30 like in school?

Not exactly. According to the current draft of our master schedule, students will log on at 9:00 and again at 12:30 for about an hour each time (at most). They may also have some work to do independently at a time that works best for your family.

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I’m curious as to what in person school will look like when the time comes? As far as social distancing, masks, sanitation, temp checks. I know my child has a bit of anxiety and I am curious on what will be the best option for her.

When that time comes, we will be following the recommendations of the CDC and the Oregon Department of Education. Most likely, we will have to do our best to have students maintain social distancing, where masks, frequent hand washing or use of sanitizer, sanitizing of school materials and equipment, etc. but we will also [...]

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Is purchasing school supplies at this time necessary?

Yes, there will be a few things your student will need at home for Comprehensive Distance Learning. We will be sharing the list in the next couple of days. UPDATE: see link below for this 2020-21 CDL school supply list.

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