Please watch the video below of this weeks morning Announcements.

Additional information:

  • If your student has not yet turned in their library books from last year, they are due by Oct. 30th. Any library books not turned in by the 30th will be charged as a fine. If you want to check if your student has missing/lost book please either email our library assistant or call our school at 503-399-2062 and ask to speak to Patty.

  • Our Annual Thanksgiving food drive is in full swing. See our post we did last week with all the information on how to help donate or how to receive a box if you are in need. Click HERE for article.
    • The image below is a flyer to have if you need a shopping list or want to print a reminder to put up on your fridge or calendar

Annual thanksgiving drive

  • Salem-Keizer students in third through twelfth grades will soon be taking two surveys through Panorama Education.  The surveys are called Panorama Student Check-Ins.  One survey is about children’s feelings in general, while the other survey focuses on children’s feelings about distance learning, schoolwork, and their relationships with school staff and their peers.The purpose of these surveys is for us to see how our students are feeling during this difficult time of distance learning and identify what kind of supports they may need.For Battle Creek, our student survey window is open Monday, October 19th through Monday, November 9th.  Teachers may plan to have students take the survey during class SEL time; however, teachers may decide to have students take the survey asynchronously on their own.
  • The Salem-Keizer Panorama Login can be found at the following link: .
    • Students will be prompted for an access code, which is their student ID number.
  • For more information about the Fall 2020 Panorama Student Check-Ins, please watch the following video.

student survey