Watch Mrs. Freeborn go over this week’s announcements.
Also, scroll down to see some important announcements regarding deadlines
as well as Ms. Benson’s Counselor Corner.

Additional Announcements:

  • Mark your calendars, district issued student Chromebooks are due for summer maintenance the week of June 14th.
    • Please have your students bring back their district issue devices with chargers on their cohort days. They will turn this in to their teachers
    • If you where given a hotspot for the school year, please turn those in as well.
  • Our technology department will be making sure every Chromebook is up to date on its technology along with any repairs that are needed.
  • We will be having a 1:1 model for students and technology in the fall. But in order for this to be a successful transition we need to make sure we get all our student issues Chromebook back before summer break!

Each week we will be featuring some great resources that parents and students can use from Ms. Benson’s counseling website.

  • In case you didn’t know, Ms. Benson’s school counseling website can be found by going to the top of our tabs, selecting Parent & Student, counseling, and then clicking on Ms. Benson’s Bitmoji.
  • Here is a direct link to get you there: School Counseling with Ms. Benson
  • This week’s Counselor’s Corner highlight: Understood

counselor section

The website Understood features articles with suggestions and resources for parents of kids of all ages on a variety of topics, including school and learning, learning and thinking differences, friends and feelings, and back to school.  I feature various articles on homework, organization, and lockers on the Middle School Transition page of my website.  This is a great website to bookmark and check out when you have some time or are looking for ideas to support your child.  To visit the family page of the Understood website, click on the button below.