Watch Mrs. Freeborn go over this week’s announcements.
Also, scroll down to see some important announcements regarding deadlines

Additional Announcements:

  • Mark your calendars, district issued student Chromebooks are due for summer maintenance the week of June 14th.
    • Please have your students bring back their district issue devices with chargers on their cohort days. They will turn this in to their teachers
    • If you where given a hotspot for the school year, please turn those in as well.
  • Our technology department will be making sure every Chromebook is up to date on its technology along with any repairs that are needed.
  • We will be having a 1:1 model for students and technology in the fall. But in order for this to be a successful transition we need to make sure we get all our student issues Chromebook back before summer break!

  • As a reminder, for our final week of school our W/F cohort will be attending Monday the 14th and their last day will be Wednesday 16th.
  • For our T/TH cohort students will keep the same schedule, they will come Tuesday the 15th and their last day will be Thursday the 17th.

  • June 16th and 17th is Field day!! It is also School Spirit Days, have your students wear they Battle Creek gear!!

  • In case you didn’t know, Ms. Benson’s school counseling website can be found by going to the top of our tabs, selecting Parent & Student, counseling, and then clicking on Ms. Benson’s Bitmoji.
  • Here is a direct link to get you there: School Counseling with Ms. Benson